This site has been lovingly developed specifically for those using Quantum Sound Therapy devices. This is the approved educational site leading to licensing by the Sacred Scalar Licensing Board and Sound Coach Certification.

It may also serve as an educational site for those interested in sound as a modality who have not yet purchased devices and may choose to learn the fundamentals of sound before making a major purchase. In this case you may enroll in the Basic Sound Course.  It would then be your choice as to whether or not you wish to pursue certification and licensure.

On this site you will find a brief overview of licensing and certification.  You will also find the details of the approved curriculum leading to licensing and certification.  As the primary educational site, you will find easy access to course registration.

Perhaps the most exciting features about this site is the blog section.  Here you will find interesting articles that are related to sound, brain neuroplasticity and emerging concepts about consciousness itself.  The blog will also be used to announce upcoming classes for certification as well as continuing education courses.  For that reason we recommend marking this site as “your favorite” so that you may check it frequently.  It is trusted that people will make comments on the blogs to such an extent that blogs may in fact turn into a discussion forum. It is in this way we begin to co-create an enlightened planetary civilization.